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Cost saving in-company training portal

Broadband internet is the perfect solution for fast delivery of knowledge and information within an organization. Thanks to high quality HD video you can now deliver in-company training wherever your employees are around the globe. Implementing a video training platform removes the necessity for employees to travel to a physical training location. This is ideal for flex location workers or employees that have to travel a long distance to be able join a training. Another advantage is that lesson material can be viewed again and again even months after a training has taken place.

Worldwide interactive live training
Does your company have multiple locations? Webcasting a live stream of your training can save costs. Thanks to a professional video registration with multiple camera’s, the video training stays varied and vibrant. This keeps the trainee alert and interested. During the live video webcast of the training, employees can use a chat function to ask questions. This allows employees to engage in discussion and gives them a sense of being present.

On-demand training for convenient learning
When employees are unable to attend a training, a secure online training portal provides on-demand access to the training videos. This allows employees to study whenever and wherever they want. The training is conveniently split up into logical chapters that make information easy to find and absorb.

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Secure training portal
everlearn offers a secure online environment for your valuable training material. The portal can be made accessible to only those employees you want to allow access to the training. Thanks to SSL-encryption all data is securely exchanged.

Insight into learning progression of employees
As administrator you gain access to information and statistics about the training progress of your employees. With on-demand training you can see exactly how many minutes an employee has viewed of specific training videos or the complete training.

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Result driven
To monitor the effectiveness of a training you can have employees take an online test after each training or even after each chapter. This allows the manager or administrator of a training to follow the progression of individual trainees.


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